Designing smart is not magic, it’s a step-by-step process

It starts by asking intelligent questions and ends with work that is thoughtful and unique. It is about selecting imagery, colors and typography that reinforce the message and meaning, and achieve the perfect blend of visuals and words. It is the creation of work that is crisp, authentic and targeted, while also meeting deadlines and budgets. Most importantly it is about forming a partnership with our clients to develop effective and powerful graphic communication tools.

Our process will generate work that is truly customized to your goals and mission. Design that is both creative and smart.

Start with Smart…

Ask hard questions.
Interview, investigate, research and review.
Conduct focus groups and surveys.
Identify the correct tone, and
marketing and design criteria.
Work up timelines and budgets.
Develop a Design Brief.

…and End with Creative

Deep thinking and sketching.
Identify a theme, visuals,
typography and colors.
Work up ideas, storyboards,
moodboards or layouts.
Present, review and refine.
Perfect production.